With our App, you only need a phone and that’s it. The app will provide you with the following features:

Managing change orders:

We will easily create a change order for you and your client through the app. Once change order is raised, then you can use mobile touch signature to approve or not. This will automatically update the project cost. 

Daily logs: 

Every day will provide you with a morning brief on what is the plan for the day with pictures that you can view. Then at 1600 we will log a debrief of work done on the day with pictures for you to view. With the power of the app, you will be able to see for yourself the progress done on the day without troubling yourself to be on site.

Project issues:

Whenever issue arise during the project, we will upload videos or pictures directly to your account and you will receive a notification immediately. The app will allow you to comment and give instructions directly to us.


You will be able to view the schedule of works directly on your phone, You can add a comment on the day of anything you would like us to know. you can message or send an email and we will receive it immediately.

Bid requests:

If you wish us to bid for a job you want, you can do so through our app. We will send you our bid pack swiftly using our built in bidding process.

And much more:

The app is a very powerful tool for you, the app covers all aspect of construction project:

  • Finances, costs & estimations.

  • Project management (communications: comments, messaging phone calls).

  • Media upload and download: Pictures & videos.

  • Files & documents: Architectural drawings, forms, written contracts.

  • Meetings log books.


On top of all of that, if you wish to include your clients on the app, we will accommodate that for yourself with few clicks. So that your client can only watch the project progressing. We can make the communication between yourself and the clients private that we wont have any access to it.