In any area where parking is difficult to find, off-road parking will always be a winner. You may require planning permissions for this, and you will need to apply to have the kerb dropped, however this type of development could add as much as £50,000 of significant worth to your house in some areas.

If you are not sure about converting your garden into a drive, we offer unlimited friendly advice to guide you through your decision process whether a garden conversion is feasible and how much value it will add to your property.


Even if you decide to reward the contract to a different supplier, we can agree on a certain arrangement which would allow us to use our expertise to monitor the performance of your chosen contractor. This will add an extra level of peace of mind to you that whoever you employ for the job is not taking advantage of your limited resources.
We will analyse their offer for you and study their project break down costs. We will check the market for you and see whether the quality of the material matches the price tag that your potential sub-contractor is charging you.
We as a company stand on the basic notion: No property owner has to suffer to get the job done, Crystal EA will make sure that you and your property are well looked after by construction contractors.

Crystal EA’s mission is to make sure that no property owner will ever be taken for granted. CONTACT US FOR FREE ADVICE.