Crystal EA has its own unique Project management model, we adapt critical systems project management model, known as Agile V-model with added feature of redundancy. Agile V-model is a combination of two industrial profound project management, these are: Agile and V-model.
V-model is a specialised project management model which is applied in highly critical systems such as aerospace systems. Aerospace systems requires a failure rate one in a billion chance. We adapt this model to insure that the work is done has almost none existent margin of error.This is achieved by the following:

Third party professional supervision

Every stage of the project is done by a qualified professional who develops stage (the developer) at the same time another professional who is employed to test the work done by the developer (the tester). The prime task of the tester is to constructively underpin the developers work to make sure that the developer have developed the most efficient and highest quality work.

Agile model

Agile project management is a philosophy adapted by software engineers. Agile development is a methodology of how to plan for a project. It is an iterative process, where the client is seen to be part of the team and is involved in the planning process. It is time boxed, which means the concentration is focused on time slots not on final product features. For example, a normal waterfall type of project management would set feature A , B and C and the idea is that the team will try its best to fit within 3 weeks. So, a waterfall project only focused on features. Agile project development focuses on time, the team set 3 weeks to finish features A, B and C. These attributes ensure that the project will be delivered on time.

The redundancy feature

The redundancy feature makes sure that at every stage there is a redundant resources. By that we mean there will be an immediate cover if things go wrong. For example, if an associate was unable to attend to deliver a work due to some unforeseen circumstances, there is always another person ready to deliver the work required (a redundant system).

The developer-tester concept

The idea of developer-tester is a redundant system which ensures that there is more than one entity who knows the job required and in case one may fail to deliver, the other will deliver. Which entails having an iterative cycle, where the cycle of development the customer requirements to evolving throughout the process. In other words the customer is updated of the work done on a daily process, based on the feedback from the customer the second stage is adapted accordingly.